About Me

I have had an interest in filmmaking, photography and the editing side of both disciplines for many years, but it was only part way through my law degree at KCL that I realised I really wanted to make a career out of it. I spent a year saving up and broadening my basic knowledge by also doing a web design course, and making short videos of friends' concerts before starting an MA in Television Production at University College Falmouth.
Since leaving Falmouth I briefly worked for Evolutions as a runner before getting involved in Channel 4's first "For 3 Minutes" for Global Entrepreneurs Week, where 4 teams competed to produce 3 minute wonders. Our team, Twist Productions, was deemed to have the best film. Please see this on the Media page.
In less than a fortnight I had started working at Halo Post Production, firstly as a freelance assistant, then I joined their staff, evolving from an offline FCP support role to encompass Avid, and then expanding to online and grade support, as well as deliverables, tape-to-tape edits, pregrades and playouts. As the team changed with other assistants moving to a sister company and other natural progressions, for the past 3 months I was the senior-most member of the Tech Department, before I decided that to progress in offline editing I needed to leave. Since then I have become a freelance edit assistant, which is probably why you are looking at this page now.

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While I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do in television, the MA has given me the opportunity to try each role from pre-production to post, confirming to myself that I love post-production, mainly video editing, but sound and some effect as well, and that I also enjoy being behind the camera, but editing is what I really really want to do.

Other interesting things about me...

I am a keen archer, shooting in the 'barebow' style. I like science as well as art, in fact I find very few subjects uninteresting, except perhaps football and rugby! I have studied in both Texas and Sweden, and have learned the basics of 6 languages, although one of them is dead.

I have:

  • Provided full technical support to Offline & Online Edits for both FCP7 and Avid 5.5 & 6.5.
  • Transcoded, conformed, archive replaced and pregraded first rushes, sequences for graphics, final cuts and teases.
  • Played out tapes from Avid 5.5 and FCP7 both for Feature Films for audio layback and for delivering to clients via legalisers.
  • Cloned, downconverted to SD DigiBetas & HDCAM, made tape-to-tape edits and dvd playouts of TX Masters.
  • Exported files to many different codecs and specifications, uploading to an assortment of video cloud storage from ftps to Yousendit.
  • Been involved with a live sports broadcast, both on location and in studio.
  • Used the Panasonic P2, JVC 100 and will be using the Canon 5D to shoot short documentaries and dramas.
  • Shot on, floor managed and directed studio cameras to record live acts and magazine format productions. I have also mixed the sound.
  • Helped record then co-edited a 19 scene radio play in Pro Tools.
  • Subtitled and transcribed interviews.
  • Edited the video and sound on various 3 minute documentaries, as well as acting as first cameraman and researcher.
  • Replaced the soundtrack and voiceover to a programme excerpt to create more drama and emotion without using words.
  • Used consumer level equipment to film, edit and upload concerts, embedding them and a photo gallery within a website I had coded.
  • Designed, laid out and proofed a university magazine, before becoming a sub-editor.

This can all be found in my CV found here.